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    来源:  2019-10-28 19:07:01


      First, changing water.


    广东快乐十分开奖直播  Generally speaking, laying sand and grass in the tank, opening the filter and regularly adding beneficial bacteria have a great effect on the purification of water quality。 However, although our aquarium can establish a better ecological filtering system, the ecological environment is still too small, and the density of fish is too large compared with the natural waters, so the "ecological balance" is more vulnerable to destruction。


      The transformation of water quality and water environment is mainly due to:


    1. The accumulation of fish manure and residual erbium, the turbid water quality, the consumption of oxygen by organic matters, and the generation of harmful gas of hydrogen sulfide; 2. The exuberant algae, the photo synergism of water and grass is affected; 3. The physical and chemical properties of water change due to the evaporation of water or the increase of organic matters, etc.



    广东快乐十分开奖直播  If the aquarium is large and there are few fish, the transformation may be slow。 If the aquarium is smaller and there are more fish in the aquarium, plus the feeding of fish and insects, the transformation may stop quickly and easily lead to water turbidity。


      It is necessary for the filtration system to work well, but water change is still the fundamental treatment method. As for the bare cylinder, it is better to separate and change the water and suck out the dirt at the bottom of the cylinder with a siphon, and add some new water. The water can be changed once or twice a week in the water and grass tank, and the dirt in the local sand can also be sucked out by using the special suction pipe, and the water change rate of each week is controlled at about 1 / 3 of the total water. In winter, when the temperature is low, the water change of tropical fish tank should not be too large, 1 / 4 or 1 / 5 is better. As for different water quality and different fish, the number and quantity of water change should also be different. For example, a bare tank with large fish density, small volume and easily turbid water quality may require day and night filtration and more water change every day. Here's a water purification agent introduced to you by Xiaobian, which can avoid water change annoyance, especially in winter, water temperature difference is easy to cause fish to get sick, and this bottle of multi-functional water purification agent is just able to deal with such annoyance.


      Two. Lighting


      If it is bare tank to raise fish, to illume request is common lower, although illume has certain effect to the body color of a few fish, constitution, but often with natural daylighting give priority to, or complement a few lamplight illume. It can be said that most of the lights on the bare tank are only for the purpose of enjoying the effect, without considering the demand of fish growth. But as for the water and grass tank, unless there is strong scattering light in the room, it is necessary to turn on the light on time. Generally, the lamp should be turned on for 8-12 hours every day, and the turning on time should also be fixed. The time is too short, the water grass lacks light, the time is too long, easy to breed algae. Different plants have different requests for light. The light about the water and grass is like the food about the fish. Do not be at liberty.


      Three. Inflation

    广东快乐十分开奖直播  水中缺氧时,鱼浮上水面不回水下,俗称“浮头”。水面水与空气接触,能够从空气中溶入一些氧气,所以,水面的溶氧量多于下层水。发作这种状况时,应立刻开动增氧器,也可用换入新水的方法增氧。如不及时采取措施增加水中氧气,任鱼浮头,不会多久,鱼便窒息死亡,俗称“闷缸”。

      When there is no oxygen in the water, the fish will not return to the water surface, commonly known as "floating head". When the surface water contacts with the air, it can dissolve some oxygen from the air. Therefore, the amount of dissolved oxygen on the surface is more than that on the bottom water. Attack this kind of condition, should start immediately aerator, also can use the method that changes into new water to increase oxygen. If we don't take measures to increase oxygen in water in time, we will let the fish float. In a short time, the fish will suffocate and die, commonly known as "suffocating tank".


      But many fish friends prefer to raise a small number of fish in a larger aquarium, so that they can grow normally without oxygen. This not only reduces the cost, simplifies the management, but also adds the natural beauty. However, some fishers like to add oxygen, because oxygen can not only provide oxygen but also add beauty in the tank, making the tank more flexible.

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